Grace Jukes

A bit more about me.


I'm a musician and songwriter and I do all of my recording and mixing myself in my home studio.

Guitar and vocals are my main instruments, but I dabble with as many instruments as my studio will allow me to fit in there, really.

From recording cajon tracks, to lugging my full-size keyboard into position, I love to write songs using lots of different mediums because I think having variety in your music and looking for new ways to be inspired is really important.

Photo by Charles McFarlane.

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A little taster of my original work...

... or you can stream my EP here.

What's my style?

My style. I'm a very energetic performer - I genuinely love what I do. I'm not afraid of a quiet audience, nor a rowdy one, and I thoroughly enjoy playing in all kinds of venues.

I struggle categorising my overall musical ‘genre’ because I take inspiration from everything – jazz, country, soul, pop, crooners, rock and folk – you name it – I probably love it!

But if I had to give you an idea of my overall style, I’d probably put myself in the ‘country-pop’/’indie-pop’ genre. Venues I play for always say is that I pack quite a punch, and the crowds really get on board with me.

 If you want to listen to my originals, see the 'My Music' page to get a flavour of my style.